We have been developing Applications for Texas Government for over 20 years.

We designed the first Oracle based, dynamic website for Election Night Results Reporting in November of 1996 for the Presidential Election and haven’t stopped innovating since. 

The first pay subscriber system of its kind was built for the State of Texas by our team of software engineers in 1998.

The Secretary of State came to us for help tuning the performance of the Texas Voter Registration System, we worked with the SoS IT group and vendor responsible for the design to optimize performance and scalability.

Since 1998, The Texas Register has used a custom version of our Document Management System (DMS) applications to run Open Meetings and for the Administrative Rules Management and Register Publication system.  The system manages submissions from over 1500 active secure users as well as facilitating access to critical legislative and Agency information to the public. 

Our newly developed cloud based Election Management System (EMS) allows for defining all aspects of elections and is a portal for State, County, Parish and City managers to define elections, races, districts, poling sites, judges and clerks.

This system allows secure and streamlined communications to election workers as well as tracking training and providing a portal for public election results.

We have also worked with several other Agencies in the State of Texas to design databases and applications for their unique needs.

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